18 tips for an inclusive working environment

Work/life balance

  1. Implement flexible work arrangements (such as flexitime, part-time, parental/family leave, teleworking…) and ensure that their use is not penalized during formal or informal evaluations and during task distribution or file allocations.
  2. Respect working hours.
  3. Plan meetings as much as possible within core working hours.
  4. Respect the timetable and schedule for meetings.
  5. Plan missions taking as much as possible private life imperatives into consideration.
  6. Encourage the uptake by men of their right to paternity leave and facilitate parental leave for both men and women.
  7. Establish a team organization which facilitates the balance between work and private life.


Organisational structure

  1. Organise a back-up system.
  2. Organise work distribution between full-time and part-time staff in an equitable and balanced way.
  3. Plan and announce meetings well in advance.
  4. Give sufficient time to meet deadlines when requesting briefings or written comments.
  5. Provide time and opportunities for group social time (schedule social events for team members, allocate funds for team social time…).
  6. Allow more time to a diverse team to grow as a group, since diverse teams require additional time to develop trust and member-interdependence.
  7. Address complaints regarding harassment and discrimination promptly and sensitively.


Transparency and respect in management and communication

  1. Communicate in a respectful manner with consideration for a person’s sex, race, colour, religion, national origin, disability, age, sexual orientation and position.
  2. Provide clear and easily accessible information about all regulations and procedures.
  3. Explain resources and expectations systematically to all staff members, especially to newcomers.
  4. Provide forums where staff can voice concerns, give and receive feedback without fear of reprisal.

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