Management et entrepreneuriat : replacer l’humain au cœur des organisations

Quête de sens, guerre des talents, équilibre vie pro / vie perso, ruptures digitales… Dans un monde du travail en pleine (r)évolution, comment replacer l’humain au cœur des organisations ? En attendant de retrouver Geoffroy FAUVEAUX lors de la conférence « Shake Your Management » le 14 mai à Bruxelles, il nous livre sa vision en quelques…

Let’s talk about virtual classes!

In March 1728, Boston Gazette featured an advertisement from Caleb Phillips – « Teacher of the New Method of Shorthand » – explaining that everybody should be able to learn from distance.

Almost 300 years passed, and we see how virtual learning environment allows most people from our planet to access online education without leaving home. But what are virtual classes and why you should use them?

A virtual class is a learning environment, usually held on an online platform, where both teachers and learners can get and share knowledge, communicating with each other being physically in different places. To access that kind of classes is easy: you only need a computer and an internet connection.

So, what are the real benefits of a virtual class?